Founded in 2005, Triumph Enterprises, Inc. has risen to meet the Federal government’s growing need for mission-critical Cybersecurity; Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & Visualization; IT Service Management (ITSM), Additive Manufacturing, Program and Acquisition Management expertise. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified, service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) committed to challenging the status quo. We understand the growing expectation to do more with less – which means doing things differently.

Our thought leaders help organizations translate business vision and strategy into effective mission initiatives and outcomes. We pride ourselves on the experience, intelligence, and commitment of our professionals. A critical success factor for Triumph is our culture of trust that runs across the breadth of the organization promoting healthy relationships, encouraging creativity, and driving our employees to deliver results and work toward continuous improvement.

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Triumph was founded on the belief that we could build a great company if we focused on three key principles: 1) change our industry by challenging the status quo, 2) build a company of top performers who are driven to make a difference, and 3) set high standards and hold our colleagues — and ourselves — accountable for meeting them.


To provide exceptional services, solutions, quality, and value to our federal clients — whatever their mission.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide us in the decisions we make, in the work we do, and in our behavior toward each other, our partners and our clients.

Client Focus

Triumph values each of our clients and is dedicated to cultivating trusting relationships. At Triumph, a person commits to keeping promises and fulfilling expectations every time. To do so, we ask employees to perform exceptionally, be open and honest in communication, and work together as a team to solve our clients’ challenges. By joining Triumph, employees commit to delivering exceptional service, solutions, quality, and results.


Integrity speaks to the entire character of a person. At Triumph, a person of integrity consistently acts according to the company’s values, beliefs, and principles. All employees are responsible for considering the ethical implications of each decision and action and committing to doing the right thing every time. By joining Triumph, employees commit to delivering our services with professionalism, transparency, and dependability.


Imagination is the ability to dream, take chances, and create the things we envision. At Triumph, a person is required to solve problems, adapt, and communicate in environments that are increasingly complex. By joining Triumph, employees commit to challenging the status quo, raising alternatives, and using their imaginations to find a better way of doing things.

Employee Engagement

An “engaged employee” is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work. At Triumph, a person is dedicated to building relationships, having open and honest communication, and continuously learning and growing to develop self-confidence and to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. By joining Triumph, employees commit to contributing to the organization’s reputation and mission, adding value and delivering on promises.